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Written by roxsat   
Sunday, 19 June 2011 03:13

The New H25 IRD



The H25 is a smaller HD Receiver designed to work on SWiM networks only.

The reduced size allows more flexibility when choosing the location of the unit in a customer’s home or business.

The H25 Receiver is compatible with high-definition TVs with HDMI and capable of 1080p and 3D, including models from these manufacturers: Hitachi, LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Toshiba, Vizio, Westinghouse.


Additionally, the H25 Receiver has an AMC satellite tuner capable of receiving both DIRECTV legacy and A3 transmissions.

New Features and Accessories Include:
• Push button front panel
• Single composite A/V (RCA Type) out
Combo component/composite out mini-DIN-10 (optional)

ROXSAT - DIRECTV custom av component mini din 10 pin

External power supply (The H25 uses a DIRECTV EPS10 series external power supply)
SWiM only SAT-IN Tuner
Optional wall/TV mounting bracket. Customers can purchase the H25 wall mount separately, availability TBD.

The H25 wall mount provides a simple, convenient way for the “customer” (not the technician) to attach the H25 to a wall near the TV. The wall mount improves many typical connectivity and location issues such as:
• Stacked components on IRD causing overheat problems
• Damage to IRD due to liquid or foreign object intrusion
• Loose cabling due to frequent moving of the IRD

An RF remote and external RF dongle will be made available at a future TBD time.
H25 wall mounted behind TV
The wall mount is not to be installed by the technician

H25 Features (Front and Back Panels)

ROXSAT - DIRECTV H25 HD satellite tv receiver new

ROXSAT - DIRECTV H25 back panel

The new H25 Receiver has a push button front panel, whereas the H24 has a touch sensor front panel.

The H25 does not have the resolution LEDs like earlier IRDs.

The back panel of the H25 Receiver has the following new and removed features:
Satellite input:

The H25 has one “SWiM only” F connector satellite input, and does not need a BBC. This
is different than the H24 which has one satellite input, but supports both “SWiM” and
“Multi-switch”, where a BBC is needed for Multi-switch connection and not needed for

RF Dongle: The H25 is IR remote controlled initially, RF control will be made available utilizing an RF Dongle and RF remote, this release is TBD.

Front Panel Push ButtonsROXSAT - DIRECTV H25 HD satellite tv receiver new

The back panel of the H25 Receiver has the following new and removed features:
Satellite input:

ROXSAT - DIRECTV H25 back panel

Component Video
The H25 has a 10 pin mini-din Component/Composite output, which requires custom
component video cables
. This is unlike the H24 which contains one standard component
video (RCA type) out.
NO Ethernet Jack:
The H25 does not have an Ethernet Jack. However, the H25 does support DIRECTV Apps
via a Broadband DECA installation.

H25 and H24 Common Hardware Features:
• Dolby Digital Coax Out
• HDMI Out
• Phone Jack (RJ11)
• USB Port
• Built in MoCA
• XMP2 Support
H25 Receiver IR 03.21.2011
4 Version 1.3.1
H25 DIRECTV Receiver

DIRECTV EPS10 Series External Power Supply
The H25 uses a DIRECTV EPS10 series external power supply. Only use DIRECTV approved
power supplies and do not plug-in a laptop power supply or something else. Power
Supplies are shipped separately.

The H25 supports both transmit and receive of the DiSEqC 2.0 protocol. It is NOT required
to support a BBC. The H25 has its LNB Power and Control components depopulated.
Light Emitting Diode (LED)
The LED indicates power is being supplied to the H25
by the power supply. If LED is not illuminated then
make sure:
• The power supply cord is fully inserted into the H25
• The power cord from the electrical wall outlet is plugged into the power supply
• The Power supply cord is plugged into the electrical wall outlet
• Make sure the electrical outlet is not controlled by a switch
• Swap present power supply with another known good, working power supply